Non-Profits MUST Focus on the Connected Donor

Non-Profits MUST Focus on the Social & Mobile Donor

I am on the board for CASA of Baltimore City, but also started my career in the NPO world. One of the biggest questions raised in the NPO world, was/is always pertaining to HOW and WHERE we can/could attract new donors, and/or maintain our current database. Were they online or offline? Discovered through word-of-mouth? Friends of a friend? Email? Our database? Someone else’s database? Social? Which social site? And the list goes on. Recently, actually today, Mashable contributor Katie Dupere found some interesting statistics on where 21st century donors live, and guess what, email is taking a back seat on engagement side of things, but a front runner on the donations front of NPO biz, via mobile readiness and social promotion.

Yes, people still care. BUT, they aren’t sitting around, waiting…for long periods of time…looking up at the sky thinking about the best way to spend their money on an NPO — they need something that is easy to engage with and donate to that fits right in with their lifestyle, i.e. on the go and in the palm of their hand. NPO’s need to take advantage of the 21st century donor lifestyle, mobile-social-email, the trifecta.

Donors are on now social and mobile more than ever, and according to Dupere, email marketing strategies tied closely to social and mobile are the way to go.

Dupere states, “In 2015 alone, nonprofits sent the average email subscriber a staggering 49 messages to gain their attention, but email open rates, click-through rates and response rates all declined over the past year. Though engagement via email is down for nonprofits, there is one place where email excels: raising money. Email revenue grew by 25% in 2015, accounting for 29% of all online revenue last year. It indicates a larger shift in how younger generations are connecting with the causes they care about: through their phones.”

Infographic support below:


Furthermore, on a similar viewpoint, Blogger Julia Claire Campbell writes, “In MDG’s new infographic, they found that nonprofits have seen huge growth in their online presence, and an increase in their use of online fundraising tools such as social media and peer-to-peer campaigns. Key findings: 3 of the top 4 ways that nonprofits connect with donors and supporters are now digital – nonprofit websites, email campaigns, and social media channels | Online giving, while still a small percentage of overall philanthropy and giving, is the fastest growing way that donors are supporting nonprofits | Email isn’t dead – far from it! Nonprofits recoup $40 for every $1 spent on email (this means they are doing it right).

See MDG’s infographic below for more details:



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  1. Great post. Having worked with many non-profits I know the hardship of finding and keeping quality donors. I personally have stopped donating to some organizations because I fell through the cracks of their development teams. The reality is that fundraising efforts will always only be as good as the people who you have doing the fundraising. But your post could be a great benefit to those who need an understanding of some best practices to reaching and maintaining quality donors.


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