What CAN’T Mobile Deliver?


Has everyone heard of the GoPuff app? I was served an ad on Instagram sponsored by the makers of GoPuff, advertising 30 min. convenient store delivery, so I click on the Instagram ad and make my way down the GoPuff rabbit hole.

Victor Fiorillo interviewed the founders of GoPuff and got the skinny on their brilliant app design AND user experience. “GoPuff, which debuted in November, is a free app for iPhone and Android phones that connects drug users with drug paraphernalia. BUT that’s not exactly how GoPuff is advertised. Before they launched, they wanted to make sure they were within the confines of the law, so they hired a strong legal team to back them to make the dream a reality,”  GoPuff simply calls itself “your one-stop puff-shop” (2014).

Remember when you emotionally had a hard time ordering anything on our personal computer for fear of it not getting to your doorstep? This app hits a market PeaPod and Amazon can’t touch yet – the Millennials. And Guess what, if it can’t be ordered by clicking 3 times and thumbing through a selection, your business model probably won’t work for them.

Fiorillo dives into how the GoPuff app works, “you enter your address and choose from a wide range of pot- (or tobacco-) smoking equipment that includes hookahs, vaporizers, grinders, rolling machines and trays, and more than a dozen different types of rolling papers. And, voila, your order should show up within about 30 minutes, assuming your are in the delivery zone. GoPuff will also supply you with condoms, Clear Eyes drops, and whatever junk food you might crave. Their vast “Munchies” selection includes everything from Twizzlers to Nutella to Slim Jims” (Fiorillo, 2014).

Here is what I found thumbing through the app on my iPhone. They deliver in my area, Boston, MA (their second major city outside of Philly), and offer everything you can think of at your local convenience store: Munchies, home essentials, frozen, gatorades/drinks, healthier snacks and of course of the smoking essentials one needs. AND with the rise in popularity for legalizing marijuana, this business model is sure to grow. So how do these guys beat out any future competition? Tablestake expectations met: ease of transaction, timeliness, accessibility and of course discoverability (word of mouth stories and brilliant ad placement where their consumers are already buying).

Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/news/2014/03/10/drexel-grads-deliver-drug-paraphernalia-via-gopuff-app/#HZW1KG7c8kgS1Dow.99


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  1. shardes1 says:

    This is a really clever idea, I can see this becoming a big hit in college towns for when no one is capable of driving after a long night of partying. What really caught my eye after downloading the app was that they offered other things that weren’t just for smoking. They offered everything from home goods to dog food. I found this very interesting considering the name of the app makes you think you will only be able to order party supplies. In my opinion they need to work on expanding this to other cities to establish a solid fanbase before a competitor comes in.


  2. Becky says:

    That’s cool I’d never heard of GoPuff until now. I think their tagline, “your one-stop puff-shop” and focus on tobacco related products is a miss though. The concept of them providing any kind of convenient store item is intreging, but I think their focus on marketing it as a “one-stop puff-shop” for tobacco related products isn’t wise. It’s too narrow a focus, in my opinion. Of course, that’s the opinion of someone who’s never smoked, so take it for what it’s worth!

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  3. msmoirai says:

    While I’m not surprised that this isn’t being advertised locally, OrderUp (a food delivery service) has reached out to a couple of local places to offer similar supplies. Late at night and you need beer, or rolling papers? Just get on the website or the app and head to page for the store offering delivery. It’s easy. Now fast – on the other hand – I think they still need to work on that. I’ve had days where I’ve ordered food and two hours later it hasn’t shown up. If they can get quick delivery down, and add some grocery options, they might just give Amazon a run for their money.

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  4. To say this is interesting is an understatement. I am interested about the legality, but also I worry about the possibility of the services users being targeted by overzealous government agencies. For example, if I am not mistaken having a Grateful Dead sticker on your car can be considered probable cause to search a vehicle in some areas. I wonder if receiving a package from GoPuff may open their customers up to similar issues.


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