2015 Top Rated Social Media Sites

2015 Top Rated Social Media Sites

Create Loyalty with Emerging Media

The past decade has spawned robust apps, digital tools, ways of getting content out the door, and new emerging media for savvy marketers to utilize in order to better engage their consumers. The perfect app or tool can change the sentiment of one’s brand. The interaction and seamless experience MUST keep customers coming back, create the loyalty all brands need in a digital world, or really, we just destroyed the reputation and credibility of anything the brand is selling. As a consumer, we expect the digital to ‘work’ at this point, there rarely are glitches that we allow to happen to us, the consumer.


Ian Anderson Gray Breakdowns the Four Apps Below:

4 Top Social Tools to Use

Hootsuite – Integrates with all the popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. They also have an app directory which extends the number of social networks you can manage within Hootsuite. Hootsuite has a free plan as well as paid pro plans and an enterprise plan. For reports, you get 3 basic ones for the free plan, and 3 basic ones and 1 enhanced report for the pro plan. You can pay extra for more reports

Agora Pulse – is not as well known as Hootsuite, but is starting to grow in popularity. It now integrates with Twitter, Facebook pages and Instagram.  It also allows you to build Facebook apps and displays Facebook dark posts with their comments which you can respond to. You have full access to the reports and analytics and each plan allows unlimited team members. Agora Pulse scored top for user satisfaction (98/100), product direction (9.6/10), customer support (9.6/10) and meeting requirements (8.6/10).

Sprout Social – It integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. All users get full access to the reports and analytics. Sprout came top for being easy to learn (9.1/10) and usability (9.2./10). It came second for user satisfaction (95/100), support (9.3/10) and market presence.

Sendible – It integrates with a large number of networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and more. Plans include a number of “services” instead of social networks. So publishing to Twitter is a separate service to monitoring a Twitter list or your mentions.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Spring

My analysis from the four listed above agrees with Gray, but leans more towards Hootsuite because it offers the free resource most companies need when starting fresh or someone who has been around social for years. Hootsuite is product I’ver recommended for years and it’s never failed.

Regardless of the program selected, the idea here is that we all need to monitor and track the conversation, but most importantly, engage and produce the content our customers want to see as much as possible. It’s a content game. Resonate with your customers each day, every day and you’ll win them over long term. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Nicole Schiavone

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  1. jimforbeswvu says:

    I tried Hootsuite and ended up not liking it at all. On the Facebook page, you couldn’t add any more than two pictures at a time. I also was prompted, many times, to “upgrade” to their paid product, which I wasn’t at all interested in. I can see the benefit for marketers that have the money to invest in the product but not for the novice like me.

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  2. It has been hard enough for me to stay on top of the simple things like a standard blog. I hate to admit that if I were to try the tools you mentioned that I would be lost.

    That being said, my wife has been using things like Hootsuite for years. So I see the usefulness of these tools. But I worry that if I misuse these tools that it will be worse if I did not use them at all. Consumers are savvy, they know when you are not giving them your best. Hence my fear of giving a less than satisfactory effort.


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